Vision, Mission & Values


The long-term vision of Grace International School, and its top priority, is to support the education of the children in Bangladesh from preschool through the final year of secondary.

Grace students come from a wide range of nationalities and faith backgrounds. Grace’s goal is to provide a quality education that supports all students academically, technologically, socially, emotionally and spiritually and to offer financial support to those who qualify. 

Plans are underway to purchase land and build a permanent campus to unite all our students, provide housing for expatriate staff, and have space for commercial properties.


Grace International School provides a high quality, child centred education primarily for expatriate children in Bangladesh, based on a British curriculum and conducted in a Christian environment.

Christian Environment

British Curriclum

High Quality

Child Centred


Grace International School is unwavering in its commitment to excellence, faith, collaboration, and service. These values guide every aspect of its educational approach, ensuring students receive a holistic education that prepares them to excel academically, embrace their faith, collaborate effectively, and serve their communities with compassion and dedication.