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We believe education is more than academic performance. Quality education supports students academically, holistically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Grace prioritises each child’s total well-being as they progress in their educational journey.

Grace provides an environment for our students to grow & excel

The English National Curriculum is recognised globally for its excellent standard of education and provides students with challenging academic learning opportunities with unparalleled international transferability.


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Early Years

Grace Early Years uses play and activity-based learning as our foundation of education. The teaching staff create a caring and nurturing environment for our students to thrive. Early Years includes Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception (age 2-5).

Primary Years

Grace Primary School builds upon the secure foundation offered in Early Years by developing a strong academic base in literacy and numeracy. Our students are nurtured within a supportive and creative atmosphere. Primary includes Years 1-6 (age 5-10).

Secondary School

Grace Secondary School provides quality education for Key Stages 3-5 (age 11-17). Our curriculum promotes creative and independent learning to give our students a foundation for success. Clubs and competitive sports tournaments are an important part of student life on campus.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At Grace, we are student-centred in designing our extracurricular programme. The ideas and interests of the student body are taken into consideration.

It is a joy seeing students and staff excited about various skills and topics. A benefit to diverse teaching staff and student body is the possibility of having such a fun range of extracurricular activities!


In all of our subject classes taught at Grace, we are committed to ensuring that students have access to appropriate ICT equipment and web-based resources to help them have a fuller and up to date knowledge of key concepts, developments, and influences on topics delivered in our curriculum. Safeguarding Internet usage is a top priority. As a school, we use G Suite and Google Classroom.