Ongoing Enrolment

Grace accepts Bangladeshi and international students ages 2-17 at any point in the academic year (if space is available in the appropriate year group).

We believe education is more than academic performance. Quality education supports students academically, holistically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Grace prioritises each child’s total well-being as they progress in their educational journey.

How to Apply

Each child’s completed application and registration fee is required.
The academic leadership team will determine if a place is available.

1. Click the “Apply to Grace” button to start the admission process. Complete the form for your child(ren). Use a Google browser to open the form.

2. Our admissions officer will email you the full admission form and help schedule a campus visit. The form will not be processed until the 15,000 Taka application fee has been paid.

3. We will contact your child’s current school to complete a confidential student recommendation form (as applicable).

4. The Grace Academic Team will review your child(ren)’s application(s) and contact you to determine whether an admissions assessment is required.

Usually, this process takes about ten working days once your admissions payment and forms have been submitted.

Admissions Phone - 8 am - 4 pm Sun-Thurs

+88 0171 330 3468

Admissions Email