“There was not really much of a breaking the ice at Grace… there was always a place for you as you are.”

For over forty-five years, Grace International School has been a place for education, friendships, service, and home to students worldwide. We are grateful to God for this great legacy and desire to continue that legacy with alumni and former staff no matter where you are located worldwide!

Grace has served the expatriate community in Dhaka under several different names and in various ways over the years. But one thing has always remained: our commitment to supporting the social, academic, emotional, and spiritual needs of our students.

Our Community

Who are our alumni?

We consider anyone who has attended or served at grace a part of our alumni community. Whether you were with us in Rainbow Week (now called Thrive Week), Christian Primary Education Centre, or beyond, we want to connect with you. 

Reach out and share with us what you have been doing since your time at Grace. We would LOVE to hear from you!

At Grace, countless relationships are forged. There is a closeness with teachers you can’t find anywhere else (coming from someone who has been to 7 different schools) that enables you to open up and feel comfortable with teachers. And not just that, you can bond with students from other year groups, both older and younger. There was not much of a breaking the ice and finding where you fit in at Grace, it just melted immediately, and there was always a place for you as you are. This was something I cherished during my time at Grace.

When you listen, you hear others. When you talk, you hear only yourself. You learn many things about everything that way.

Mang G.

Bachelor of International Relations, Tokyo International University

Grace alumni attend universities worldwide