Student Life

Welcome to Grace International School, a Christian educational institution committed to fostering holistic development in a nurturing environment for children of all faith backgrounds. With three distinct campuses dedicated to Early Years, Primary School, and Secondary School students, we offer diverse activities and experiences tailored to each phase of a student’s educational journey.

Get Involved!

Campus life at Grace International School is about more than just academics. It’s about nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to make a positive impact in their communities and the world. Join us in this exciting journey of growth, learning, and enrichment.

For more information about specific clubs, sports, and events at each campus, please visit the respective campus pages. We look forward to seeing you actively engaged in campus life at Grace International School!

Events and Celebrations

Throughout the year, Grace International School organises various events and celebrations, fostering a sense of community and belonging among students, parents, and faculty.

Engage, Explore, Excel!

Campus life at Grace International School is designed to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in all areas of life. From clubs and field trips to service projects and events, there are countless opportunities for students to learn, grow, and make lasting memories.

Grace Secondary School

Interest-Based Clubs

These clubs offer students the chance to delve deeper into their academic interests and engage in enriching discussions and projects related to specific subjects. Click here to learn more about GSS in-school clubs. 

Debates and Public Speaking

Students are encouraged to articulate their thoughts, enhance communication skills, and develop confidence through debates, public speaking opportunities, and drama productions.

Experiential Learning

Educational outings, Mock Interviews, and Work Experience at the Secondary level are designed to deepen subject knowledge and expose students to real-world applications of their studies.

Competitive Sports

In collaboration with Dhaka International Schools Association (DISA), our Secondary School offers a wide range of competitive sports, fostering sportsmanship, teamwork, and a healthy competitive spirit.

Student Council

Opportunities for leadership development and student voice are cultivated through active participation in the Student Council.

Grace Primary School

Clubs and Enrichment Programs

Students can choose from a variety of clubs, including Arts and Crafts, Music, Chess, STEM, and more, allowing them to explore their interests and develop new skills. Click here to learn more about GPS after-school clubs. 

House Teams

Our house system fosters camaraderie and healthy competition. Students engage in a variety of inter-house events, building teamwork and school spirit.

Sports and Physical Education

Our PE classes and sports programs provide the perfect arena for honing athletic skills, fostering teamwork, and nurturing a love for physical fitness.

Grace Early Years

After-school Clubs

Even our youngest students have an opportunity to learn and play outside the classroom. Click here to learn more about GEY after-school Clubs. 

Play-Based Learning

Our Early Years program emphasises play as a crucial component of learning. It encourages curiosity, imagination, and social interaction.

Arts & Crafts

Creative expression is nurtured through various art activities, allowing children to explore colours, shapes, and textures.

Outdoor Exploration

Our safe outdoor spaces provide opportunities for physical development and a connection to nature.

GEY – GSS Connection

Year 12 students visit the Grace Early Years campus to engage in activities and games with our youngest learners.