Admissions Enrollment Gratitude Program

Grace International School acknowledges the value our parents bring to our admissions process. We want to reward you for spreading the word about the quality of education your children receive. As a thank you for referring families to enrol their children at Grace International School, we will give the referring families a gift as outlined below. Questions regarding this gratitude gift can be directed to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


All Grace staff, the Advisory Council, alums, and parents of enrolled students are eligible to participate in the Admissions Enrollment Gratitude Program. Gifts will only be given when the individual directly refers to a student and the student is successfully enrolled at Grace. Once the student has arrived in Dhaka and has started classes, the Finance Department will arrange payment or tuition credit.

To collect the enrollment gift, the legal guardians of the new student will need to notify Grace and let us know who referred them before the enrollment is finalised. In addition, the referring individual will need to contact Grace to claim the gift. Tuition credits are transferable. 

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Gift Options

(Referees many pick one)

  1. Tuition Credits: 10,000 Taka per enrolled student
  2. 5,000 Taka (For Grace employees only, to be paid with salary as allowance)
  3. Gift voucher: Up to 4,000 Taka from any vendor from the vendor list.

Vendor List:

  • Aarong
  • Miniso
  • Bata
  • Apex
  • Shwapno
  • Netflix
  • Amazon


The gratitude gifts are limited to one per student the first time they are enrolled at Grace. If a student leaves Grace and then re-enrols at a later date, they are not eligible for an additional gift. There is no cap on how many gratitude gifts one referring individual can collect. Example: If a parent refers a family to Grace who enrols three (3) students at Grace at the same time in one academic year, due to that referral, the family will receive the full gift for each student. However, if the family enrolls their children slowly and in different academic years, the gift will be applicable only for the first successful enrollment.

This gift may be limited by budget limitations or a rescindment of the program. The CEO and CFO may choose to no longer offer the gifts at any time. The CEO and CFO may also increase the gift as they feel necessary. An existing parent or staff member cannot claim this on themselves or any other existing parent or staff member.