Secondary Years

Grace Secondary School provides quality education for Key Stages 3-5 (age 11-17). Our curriculum promotes creative and independent learning to give our students a foundation for success. Competitive sports tournaments are an important part of student life on campus.


Character Development



Foreign Language (French)

Physical Education


Years 7-9

We strive to provide the best education in the subjects we offer alongside nurturing character development and personal growth in each student through Homeroom times, Study Sessions, Clubs, and afterschool programs. Teachers intentionally thread elements of our core values (Faith, Service, Excellence, and Collaboration) throughout our teaching with student-centred learning opportunities.


Years 10-11

Our curriculum strongly emphasises sports, and our school maintains an exceptional teacher-student ratio, ensuring a high-quality, student-centric educational experience that adheres to the British curriculum. Additionally, our institution maintains a Christian environment that promotes character development and moral values. Enrolling your child at Grace International School will provide an exceptional education that meets and exceeds your expectations.

two Year Program




Pearson Edexcel



Two Year Program

Three Subjects Focus

A – Levels

University Placement

Pearson Edexcel

Cambridge Assessment


Years 12-13

At Grace, we deliver the curriculum in smaller student-teacher ratios, allowing effective learning. The execution of the A-level curriculum is achieved through developing a student-teacher relationship of open dialogue. We offer a range of subjects, from mathematics, sciences, and arts. KS5 students are involved in various clubs, community service initiatives, sports and other philanthropic activities.

The English National Curriculum

The English National Curriculum is designed to prepare students for university and beyond. The exam boards at Grace are Pearson/Edexcel and Cambridge for IGCSE and IAL.

These two exam boards are internationally recognised and highly reputable. Students who take these qualifications can be confident in their acceptance by universities worldwide.

We offer the following subjects at A-Level:

  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • English Literature
  • Art


In all of our subject classes taught at GSS, we are committed to ensuring that students have access to appropriate ICT equipment and web-based resources to help them have a fuller and up to date knowledge of key concepts, developments, and influences on topics delivered in our curriculum. Safeguarding Internet usage is a top priority. As a school, we use G Suite and Google Classroom. 

All students are expected to have their own laptop or similar device when they come to school to participate in all classes. Devices should be fully charged upon arriving on campus each day. Should students forget to bring in their devices, the campus has a few laptops available, which pupils can sign out to borrow on a short term basis. 

Students are not generally allowed to use their mobile phones at school. Phones should only be used on the bus to and from school to listen to music with headphones. When students arrive at school, their phones should be turned off and put away.


Extra-Curricular Activities

At GSS, we are student-centred in designing our extracurricular programme. The ideas and interests of the student body are taken into consideration.

  • Trips to the Dhaka Art Summit have been immersive and great conversation starters. 
  • Writing Club is very successful because the students involved are passionate about it. 
  • Rise Youth is an open space for meaningful and life-changing discussions. 
  • Sports have also been popular and highly requested with the apparent benefits of fitness, teamwork, and competition.

It is a joy seeing students and staff excited about various skills and topics. A benefit to diverse teaching staff and student body is the possibility of having such a fun range of extracurricular activities!



Call: +880 0171 330 3468


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Grace located?

Grace International School has three campuses in the embassy district of Dhaka. For the safety of our students and their families, we keep our campus locations private.

Contact us at to see if we have a campus near you.

Does my student have to speak English to enrol at GSS?

Yes. Secondary students need to have a certain level of English to follow the curriculum. Secondary school applicants may be assessed to determine whether Grace School can meet their needs. English language support will be provided for students whose English needs further development.

What activities are available at Grace Secondary?

Grace offers a variety of sports, writers club, choir, chess, DISA tournaments, parent/teacher events, field trips, community outreach events, and more!