Primary Years

Grace Primary School builds upon the secure foundation offered in Early Years by developing a strong academic base in literacy and numeracy. Our students are nurtured within a supportive and creative atmosphere. Primary includes Years 1-6 (age 5-10).

I have seen such a change in my sons since joining Grace. They are happy and have made great friends. I am so impressed with their teachers and the incredible kindness shown by all the Grace employees.

One of my sons needs learning support for math. His teachers identified that he needed help; now, he is working with a learning support specialist and making progress toward catching up with his classmates.

I highly recommend Grace!

Ms. L

GPS Parent

Primary Student-Teacher Ratio

Primary Student-Staff Ratio

Course Overview:

At Primary, students in years 1–6 (Key Stage 1 & 2) study under the authentic English National Curriculum in a Christian environment whilst considering the international context. All classes utilise the National Numeracy and Literacy strategies. Grace embraces a child-centred approach, educating children beyond academics and encouraging them to thrive in the world socially, spiritually, and emotionally. The specific needs of each child are considered in the class. Grace is committed to fostering an enriching, diverse, and encouraging community where young students will thrive.

Guided Reading

Each class has a daily session to develop students’ reading fluency and comprehension.


Throughout Primary School, students are exposed to a range of writing genres and taught the key skills needed to produce these writing styles independently.


Students’ knowledge of mathematics is developed using manipulatives, visuals and the written abstract concepts. This is taught cyclically so that topics are revisited throughout a year.

Science & Topic

Thematically, students explore the British curriculum objectives for science, history, geography and art using practical activities to engage and support learning.

Specialist Subjects

These subjects are taught by specialist teachers:


Physical Education


French (Year 6)

“It has been a pleasure being with Grace for the last eight years. We have not had a single moment of regret in choosing Grace for our children in all these years. 

We have seen our children grow leaps and bounds with each passing year. The quality of education that Grace has offered them is unmatched.  Not only have they achieved so much academically in Grace, but the school has groomed them well to be responsible citizens.

A big thank you to all the Grace teachers and support staff (including the bus drivers, the bus escorts and the aayas). All these years, we were at ease knowing that our kids were in safe hands every time they left for school each morning. May the Almighty bless Grace.

No matter where we go in life, Bangladesh and Grace will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

Ms. N

Grace Parent


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Tuition Fees

Grace International School provides a high-quality, private education with competitive tuition rates tailored to the child. 

Application Fee

An Application Fee of BDT 10,000 (approximately USD $120) is required to initiate the processing of your enrollment application.

Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit of BDT 250,000 (approximately USD $2,941) must be paid before the invoice date to secure your child’s enrollment at Grace.

Class enrollment

Small class sizes ensure that your child gets the attention they need to thrive at Grace. Learning Support is available as required.

Key Stage 2: Years 1 – 6 (5 – 11 years old)

  • BDT 1,155,485 (approximately USD $13,594)

The tuition fee is collected to fund all operating costs for Grace.

Textbooks and curriculum

Your child(ren)’s textbooks and curriculum materials are provided and must be returned at the end of the year.

Basic Classroom supplies

Notebooks and a planner are provided.

Bus Transportation

Students will be offered free bus transportation to and from school in most cases. In exceptional circumstances, the school may not be able to provide transport, e.g. when the child lives in a neighbourhood a considerable distance from the normal bus routes.

ID Badges

Grace Community members receive an ID badge that will allow them controlled access to the campus.

Library Access

Each of our three campuses features an extensive English language library tailored to the child’s age, reading levels, and interests. These libraries give our students opportunities to learn about the world around them and discover who God made them to be. Our students have regular access to the libraries and can check out books regularly. 

*Financial Support is available to those who qualify.
*Tuition fees do not cover basic school supplies, PE kits or extra-curricular activities.

Questions? Contact us at

Does my child have to speak English to enrol in Primary?

No. Grace School accepts all primary children regardless of their level of English.

English language support will be provided as needed.

What activities are available at Grace Primary?

Grace offers a variety of sports, choir, chess, DISA tournaments, parent/teacher events, field trips, community outreach events, and more!