Grace offers students a life-changing experience that is only possible because of the sacrificial service of teachers and other staff over 46 years. Your donations enable us to provide above and beyond for our students. We encourage you to continue this legacy of giving by finding your way to contribute to our great community.


Grace International School provides a quality Christian education and service to children of Christian nonprofit workers in South Asia. We offer an education where biblical truths permeate everything that we do. Our staff is dedicated to cultivating students of Christ-like character and values who desire to transform the world.


Donations in Bangladesh can be coordinated with our Accounts team at

United States

We have partnered with the Grace Dhaka Foundation, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting God’s work at Grace International School.

The Grace Dhaka Foundation can accept donations by credit/debit card, cheque, cryptocurrency, electronic funds transfer (EFT), PayPal, securities, in-kind, and more. Visit their website below for more information. Contributions to GDF are tax-deductible to United States taxpayers.

United Kingdom

Grace has partnered with Teach Beyond to facilitate donations in the United Kingdom.

This enables Grace School to receive tax and matching benefits on gifts made by UK taxpayers as UK law allows.

You can give through Teach Beyond or by identifying project number 25124.

About Your Donations

Your support will allow us to continue sharing the name and love of Christ with those on our campus and in our community. We have partnered with the Grace Dhaka Foundation, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting God’s work at Grace International School.


The cost of English medium education in Dhaka is at an all-time high. Grace maintains a scholarship fund to help make our tuition more affordable for select students, especially the children of expatriate staff from low-income countries working for Grace’s Participating Organisations.

School Supplies

No student’s education should suffer due to a lack of school supplies. For this reason, Grace provides students with basic class needs. 


Primary school students can use and learn about technology using school-provided computers. Secondary school students bring their computers. Students might borrow a laptop if theirs was forgotten or lost.

After School Activities

Life in a megacity like Dhaka leaves few opportunities for children to play together outside. Grace’s afterschool activities provide essential opportunities for our students to engage and socialise outside the classroom. We often have to rent space for swim clubs, soccer, performances, etc.