The English National Curriculum

At Grace, we proudly follow the English National Curriculum, and here’s why we believe it’s the superior choice compared to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program:

1. Clear Structure and Progression:

The English National Curriculum offers a clear and structured pathway for students from early years through secondary education. With well-defined learning objectives, students can easily track their progress, and educators can tailor teaching methods to meet individual needs. This clarity ensures a seamless academic journey for every student.

2. Emphasis on Depth of Knowledge:

Unlike the IB program, which encourages a broad and holistic approach to learning, the English National Curriculum prioritizes depth of knowledge. Students delve deeply into core subjects like English, maths, and science, developing a thorough understanding of key concepts. This mastery-based approach prepares students for higher education and beyond.

3. Rigorous Assessment:

The English National Curriculum’s assessment framework is robust and standardized, providing objective measures of student achievement. This allows for fair and transparent evaluation, ensuring that students are accurately assessed based on their knowledge and skills. In contrast, the IB’s flexible assessment criteria can sometimes lead to inconsistencies and challenges in implementation.

4. Alignment with Traditional Academic Expectations:

For students and parents seeking a more traditional academic foundation, the English National Curriculum is an ideal choice. Its focus on academic rigor and mastery of subjects aligns closely with traditional academic expectations, providing a solid preparation for university and professional pursuits.

5. Global Recognition and Acceptance:

While the IB program may offer international perspectives, the English National Curriculum is widely recognized and accepted by universities and employers around the world. Its standardized approach ensures that students are well-prepared for further education and career opportunities, both domestically and internationally.

Why IGCSE is your key to success:

IGCSE surpasses O Level with its globally recognized curriculum, fostering critical thinking and creativity. Its modern approach, updated content, and internationally benchmarked syllabus prepare students for higher education and the workforce. With diverse subject offerings and holistic assessment methods, IGCSE provides flexibility and a competitive edge in today’s global landscape. Choosing IGCSE ensures students receive a high-quality education valued by universities and employers worldwide, opening doors to limitless opportunities for success.

IGCSE and IAL Exams

IGCSE and IAL exams represent significant milestones in a student’s academic journey, offering opportunities for growth, achievement, and future success.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams provide a comprehensive assessment of a student’s knowledge and understanding across a range of subjects. By successfully completing these exams, students demonstrate their readiness for further study or entry into the workforce.

Similarly, the International Advanced Level (IAL) exams offer a more in-depth evaluation of a student’s proficiency in specific subjects, preparing them for advanced study at universities or colleges around the world. These exams are recognized for their rigorous standards and are highly regarded by educational institutions and employers globally.

Both IGCSE and IAL exams serve as valuable measures of academic achievement and aptitude, empowering students to pursue their aspirations with confidence and competence.

Grace International School has proudly achieved higher than international averages on the IGCSE exams.

The National Curriculum Test (NCT)

The National Curriculum Test (NCT) is a pivotal assessment that evaluates students’ proficiency in core subjects based on the English National Curriculum. Designed to gauge students’ understanding and progress, the NCT provides valuable insights into their academic strengths and areas for improvement. Through rigorous examination of subjects like English and maths, the NCT equips educators, parents, and students themselves with essential information to support ongoing learning and development. At Grace, we prioritize the preparation and performance of our students in the NCT, ensuring they are well-equipped for future success.

NCT_ National Curriculum Test - Year 6 (2)
NCT_ National Curriculum Test - Year 6 (2)

We’re thrilled to announce that our year 6 students continue to excel in their National Curriculum Test (NCT), surpassing expectations and showcasing their academic prowess! With dedication, support, and a commitment to excellence, our students have achieved outstanding results that speak volumes about their hard work and the quality of education they receive at Grace. Congratulations to our incredible students and the dedicated educators who have guided them to success!