Health & Hygiene

Grace International school is committed to maintaining a healthy environment for our staff and students. Below are ways that you can help keep your family safe. Questions regarding COVID-19 policies and procedures can be directed to your student’s campus administrators. 


If you are feeling sick, stay home and take a COVID test

If there is a confirmed positive Covid-19 case in a class (staff or student), the following steps will apply: 

  1. We will inform parents and suggest close monitoring of health, and parents will be encouraged to get their child PCR tested.
  2. It is expected that students (that are symptom free) come to campus as usual, even when waiting for results.
  3. Close contact with fully vaccinated staff (and symptom-free) can remain on campus.
  4. Close contact staff that are not fully vaccinated will be asked to remain off campus until they receive a negative PCR result.

Missing School: If students miss school due to illness, teachers will ensure that students catch up on missed work once they return to school. However, for students who have tested positive for Covid-19, essential work will be uploaded via Google Classroom. Still, teachers will not be expected to provide live online teaching for individual absent students.


We are carefully tracking confirmed Covid-19 cases on our campuses. The following two contingency plans will be enacted based upon that information:

Please note: To accurately track confirmed cases of Covid-19, we require the submission of PCR test results to Campus Managers. 

Thank you for your support & collaboration as we seek to ensure that on-campus teaching and learning take priority whilst being vigilant and wise in managing Covid-19

Grace Management