OnGoing Enrolment


Grace accepts Bangladeshi and international students ages 2-17 at any point in the academic year (if space is available in the appropriate year group).

No space available? Students are placed on a waiting list until a space opens up. The waiting list is designed for students who were not offered admission due to space limitations but are excellent candidates for admission. Parents can submit the application form, required documents, and the application fee. Once a space opens, an admissions officer will contact the parents to proceed with the enrolment.

How To Apply

If you are applying for a full academic year, each child’s completed application and registration fee will be required. If applying mid-term, the Admissions Officer will determine if a place is available.

Documentation Needed:

  • Student’s passport scan
  • Parent’s or Guardian’s passport scan

Admissions Phone - 8am-4pm Sun-Thurs

+88 0171 330 3468




Click on the “Apply to Grace” button to start the admission process. Complete the form for your child(ren) (one per child). Use a Google browser to open the form.


Our admissions officer will email you the full admission form and help schedule a campus visit. The form will not be processed until the 15,000 Taka application fee has been paid.


We will contact your child’s current school to complete a confidential student recommendation form (as applicable).


The Grace Academic Team will review your child(ren)’s application(s) and contact you to determine whether an admissions assessment is required.

Usually, this process takes about ten working days once your admissions payment and forms have been submitted.

Financial Support

Parents who are not compensated by their employer for their children’s tuition are eligible for financial support. If an employer pays at least 40% of the tuition fees to the parents, tuition assistance will not be awarded. Parents from Partner Organizations are eligible to receive financial support.

To obtain tuition assistance from Grace, the principal fee-payer must submit a prescribed tuition assistance application form to the Accounts team explaining their incapability to pay the Standard Fee. The primary payee should submit the request. Parents employed by embassies, consulting agencies, and major business companies need not apply unless sufficient proof of incapability is provided. Questions? Email

Admissions Enrolment Gratitude Program

Grace International School acknowledges the value our parents bring to our admissions process. We want to reward them for their work in spreading the word about the quality of education their children receive. As a thank you for referring families to enrol their children at Grace International School, we will give the referring families a gift as outlined below. Questions regarding this incentive can be directed to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


All Grace staff, the Advisory Council, alums, and parents of enrolled students are eligible to be a part of the Admissions Enrollment Gratitude Program. Gifts will only be given when the individual directly refers to a student, and they are successfully enrolled at Grace. Once the student has arrived in Dhaka and has started classes, the Finance Department will arrange payment or tuition credit.

To collect the enrollment gift, the legal guardians of the new student will need to notify Grace and let us know who referred them before the enrollment is finalised. In addition, the referring individual will need to contact Grace to claim the gift. Tuition credits are transferable.